Practice for radiation-therapy and radio-oncology

Radiation therapy plays an important role in the treatment of malignant diseases. Even some benign diseases can be positively influenced by radiation. We use ionising beams, photons or electrons that are accelerated in a linear accelerator.

Radiation therapy can be used as single treatment (primary), as additional treatment following a surgical procedure (adjuvant) or in combination with chemotherapy (radio-chemotherapy).

Nowadays, many patients suffering from a tumour can be cured (curative treatment). But even if this should not be possible, radiation therapy can in many cases help improve the patients' quality of life by reducing symptoms (palliative treatment).

Modern radiation therapy is carried out with precision and while sparing healthy tissue by means of a treatment plan with modern planning systems.

Radiation therapy is a very complex treatment.
Several highly specialised professions work together in the planning and execution of the therapy. Our staff is multilingual, so that we can offer consultation to most of our patients in their native language.

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