Ever since 1960, there has been an independent department of radiation therapy at the Hospital Munich-Schwabing. In 2005, it was privatised. The rooms were renovated and the technical equipment was modernised by acquiring a Varian Clinac 2100 C/D.

The former clinic for radiation therapy was continued as a practice for radiation therapy and radio-oncology by Ms. Hörl M.D., Ms.  Skulina M.D. und Mr. Glück. The team was extended by Mr. Becker M.D. in 2008, Mr. Siefert M.D.in 2013 and most recently by Ms. Macht M.D..


In 2008, the office acquired the certification ISO 9001.

For treatment we have two identical high-end linear accelerators available, equipped with multi-leaf-colimators, Portal-image-device, cone-beam CT.This enables us to perform highly complex.

The benefit for our patients:

high end equipment in use

highest precision

system redundancy for continuous treatment

maximum safety


Modern radiation therapy is based on guidelines and recognised therapy concepts. Modern technical equipment, a precise, state-of-the-art radiation planning and highly skilled employees are indispensable for a successful treatment.

However, it is equally important to ensure that patients feel comfortable and safe, especially during tumour treatment. We want to accompany our patients during this period and take time for their questions - both during and after treatment. We place high value on a friendly atmosphere and a cooperation with our patients that is based on mutual trust. 


From left to right: A. Glück, Dr. med. A. Siefert, Dr. med C. Hörl, Dr. med. C. Macht, Dr. med. K. Becker


The physicians determine the indications for radiation therapy. They inform their patients on the disease and possible treatments, particularly radiation therapy. They carry out the medical radiation planning. During the treatment, they provide medical support to the patients in close and respectful cooperation with the other treating colleagues from the other specialist departments. If you have any problems or questions, they will assist you at any time, even after treatment.


Dr. med. Claudia Hörl

Specialist for radiation therapy and radio-oncology since 1998

E-Mail: claudia.hoerl(kwfat)strahlentherapie-schwabing(kwfdot)de


Herr Albrecht Glück

Specialist for radiation therapy and radio-oncology since 1996

E-Mail: albrecht.glueck(kwfat)strahlentherapie-schwabing(kwfdot)de


Dr. med. Klaus Becker

Specialist for radiation therapy and radio-oncology since 2007

E-Mail: klaus.becker(kwfat)strahlentherapie-schwabing(kwfdot)de


Dr. med. Axel Siefert

Specialist for radiation therapy and radio-oncology since 1999

E-Mail: axel.siefert(kwfat)strahlentherapie-schwabing(kwfdot)de


Dr. med. Corinna Macht

Specialist for radiation therapy and radio-oncology since 2016

E-Mail: corinna.macht(kwfat)strahlentherapie-schwabing(kwfdot)de


Professional association memberships:


The medical physicists are responsible for the physical radiation planning and the physical-technical supervision of the treatment facilities. They carry out the dosimetry and quality assurance on the radiation equipment and perform radiation protection tasks.


The MTRA, i.e. the radiation therapist, support the physicians and physicists in the preparation works, e.g. planning CT, creating the masks and planning the treatment. They perform the daily irradiation sessions. Here, they place high value on careful positioning. They will continuously perform quality controls during your treatment and they organise the course of the therapy and make assignments. You can turn to them at any time if you have any questions or problems.

Nursing staff

During the course of a radiation therapy, side effects may occur. Often it's the disease itself that causes complaints for the patients. Naturally, the physicians are available for you at any time. Aside from this, we also support our patients during their treatment by our medical assistants and our nursing staff. They give advice, for instance regarding nutrition or skincare, and provide appropriate nursing if there are any side effects.

They even organise parenteral nutrition for you at home, if required. They remain in contact with the wards of the hospital and the resident physicians.

We will inform you on further assistance offers, such as psycho-oncological support.


The medical assistants are responsible for the organization and administration of the office. They receive patients every day and transfer them to the appropriate staff. They assist you if you have any questions on travel costs and prescriptions, absence certificates for employers etc. upon instruction by the physicians. They give advice on follow-up treatments and apply for those upon request. They are available at any time as your first point of contact.