Photo: with friendly approval of Klinikum Schwabing

Cooperation programmes

Our practice is located in the main building of Klinikum Schwabing. We work closely together with many other clinics in the hospital, primarily with the clinic of haematology, oncology, immunology, infectiology and tropical medicine.

We also cooperate with the clinics of visceral medicine, neurosurgery, ENT and head and neck surgery, dermatology, the women's clinic and the clinic for pediatrics and adolescent medicine.

Many patients receive interdisciplinary treatment, i.e. we treat them together with our colleagues from other clinics, for instance if there is simultaneous chemotherapy or if the treatment is to be in-patient.

Our main partner here is the Clinic for hematology and oncology at Klinikum Schwabing , which is certified as an "oncological center". 

Additionally, we are the cooperation partner of the visceral center at Klinikum Neuperlach and of the oncological center at Klinikum Dachau.

We regularly attend tumour conferences of the named centers.

Within our department, we work closely together with the offices for radiation therapy and radio-oncology in Weilheim and München-Nymphenburg.